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Paul Kenyon  (603-508-0535)
Master Stylist / Master Colorist / Color Educator / Color Trainer / Eufora Global Team Member

Paul comes from a family of 9 kids, 6 of which are in the beauty industry.  His mom is an Estititian and growing up, Paul was always fascinated with the beauty industry. From a young age, he knew, he would want to be involved in the industry.  Paul attended hair dressing school in 1990 and to him, it was the most exciting experience he had encountered.  Paul was determined to become the best student at everything the school had to offer.  His exceptional talent became apparent immediately and he continued to graduate with the highest score ever achieved at the school.  Upon his graduation, Paul entered into a beauty contest and won first place in all categories including hair, make up & fashion.

With such results, Paul was offered a position directly with the Beauty School, where he became an educator.  This was a very rewarding experience for him, both personally in terms of knowledge and intellectual growth and also helping other aspiring hairdressers achieve their goals. He taught for Graham Webb as a cutting educator.

Another passion of Pauls’ is the color world.  He developed his skills to become a color educator and had the privilege of painting his haircuts. He helped other hairdressers rise to new levels by making them realize new, creative ways to become colorists and thinking ‘outside the box’ and not just remain ’hairdressers that do color’.

Paul was invited by Eufora International to attend a 3 day cutting class called Foundations and decided to attend.  Well, that’s when Paul fell in love with Eufora International.  After learning how much a company cared about stylists as well as the extent of education they provided to them including the quality & ingredients of their products, Paul decided to join their team and become one of their top educators. He not only became a color educator and color trainer, but also became a Global Team Member, teacher of You School, and part of the Artistic Color Team.

Paul has joined our team and has made Salon Europa his home base. When away from the salon, he is living his dream by traveling around the globe as an educator, helping fellow hairdressers become the best at what they do.  He has also trained and mentored many stylists, that have become educators and successful salon owners themselves.

Paul has also owned 3 successful salons in the last 23 years.